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Rebecca Dussault: An Olympian explains the transgender threat to women’s sports

June 19, 2019

Rebecca Dussault, a 2006 Winter Olympian in cross-country skiing and a world champion winter triathlete, warns that, "We are wading into some really dangerous waters” in allowing transgender participation in female sporting events.

We as a people need to consider the consequences right now before the whole can of worms is opened,” said Dussault in an interview on Respect Life Radio, a weekly radio show based in Denver. “I am all for all people getting to express themselves through sport. But I am for fairness.”

Dussault, a wife and mother of six, has been described as a “multi-sport momma” for her achievements in cross-country skiing, winter triathlons and other sports. An Idaho resident, she coaches women to be “healthy, happy and holy” moms through

Dussault's Catholic faith, her experience in international sporting competitions and a concern for the well-being of female athletes were evident in the 27-minute Respect Life Radio interview with host Deacon Geoff Bennett.

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