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Meg Kilgannon: Is God calling you to run for school board?

August 19, 2021
"This is a spiritual war, this is a cultural war. And we are largely fighting over our children and the future," said Meg Kilgannon, a senior fellow for education studies at Family Research Council, which recently launched a School Board Boot Camp. "We're trying to harness this energy that's out there right now around schools and channel it into, maybe some folks running for office and changing the balance of power on some school boards around the country."
Kilgannon said that, "The fight over Critical Race Theory has really galvanized people in an unexpected and wonderful way. So, to sort of harness that energy and to channel it into — really prayerfully, thoughtfully considering — if God is calling you to run for office? Is God calling you to run for school board?"
Videos of the School Board Boot Camp are online. Follow Kilgannon @meg_kilgannon on Twitter. 

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