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Joey Pontarelli: In divorce, the kids are not O.K. and here’s why

January 6, 2022

“Intuitively, a lot of people know that divorce is this ugly, painful thing. But so often we focus more on the parents who are going through the divorce (rather) than the children. When it comes to the children, the cultural belief is that, 'They'll be fine, they're resilient.' The truth is: they won't be fine and they're not as resilient as you think,” said Joey Pontarelli, founder and president of and author of "It's Not Your Fault: A Practical Guide to Navigating the Pain and Problems from Your Parents' Divorce."

See also a Denver Catholic interview in 2021 with Pontarelli, "Ministry seeks to help children of divorce become ‘Restored.'" Follow him @RestoredHelp on Facebook. 

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