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Fr. Robert Altier: For marriage and family under attack, here is God’s rescue plan

September 19, 2022

"The attack is on the family. The family is the foundation for everything, in our own individuals lives, as well as for the Church and society. So for the good of our children — for the good, of course, of the married people — for the Church and society, as well, it's absolutely a necessity right now to really put the focus on marriage. You look at the history of the Church — and God always raises up people to come to the aid of whatever area is under attack. What the devil tries to do in destroying something, God brings good out of evil and actually makes it better," said Fr. Robert J. Altier,  author of "God's Plan For Your Marriage: An Exploration of Holy Matrimony from Genesis to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb" (Sophia Institute Press). 

Hear homilies from Fr. Altier, based in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, at and learn about his series, "Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism."

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