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Dr. Kathi Aultman: The goal of late-term abortion is a child’s death

October 8, 2020

Late-term abortion is "not what the normal OB/GYN would do," said Kathi Aultman, M.D., a former abortionist. "Even when the mother's life is in danger, you wouldn't do a late-term abortion. You would do a C-section or an induction and deliver the baby. And you would try to take care of the baby the best you can. Even if the baby has fetal anomalies, you would deliver the baby and take care of it. You wouldn't try to do a late-term abortion. It actually takes two to three days to be able to do a late-term abortion anyway...Why would you do something like that unless your ultimate goal is the death of the child?"

Aultman is a "retired Board-Certified OB/Gyn and is currently an Associate Scholar with the Charlotte Lozier Institute." Among her writings is, "Why I Am No Longer An Abortionist."

Earlier in the interview on Respect Life Radio, she said, "I suddenly saw myself as a mass murderer. I understand how the Nazis could do what they did. Because I was doing it. It all came down to whether or not you feel a group is human or not. They didn't feel the Jews and the Russians and the others were human. And I didn't feel fetuses were human. So I didn't have any remorse — at the time. I didn't feel guilty — at the time. It wasn't until then when I realized what I had been doing. And that's when I became prolife."

Proposition 115 on the Nov. 3 ballot would end late-term abortion in Colorado, with an exception for the life of the mother. For more on Prop. 115, go to and also see For an archive of past episodes of Respect Life Radio, go to

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