Respect Life Radio

Deacon Geoff Bennett: How to vote as a faithful Catholic

September 17, 2020

Learn "how to vote as a faithful Catholic, but really how to vote as a faithful citizen who is based, and rooted, in the moral foundations of our Church," said Deacon Geoff Bennett, the host of Respect Life Radio. "It is critical that we get involved in the political process. We are not just observers; we need to be participants. We're not going to call on one political party or the other. But look, what they stand for should dictate who we should vote for. Everybody should defend life, from conception through natural death. Those are kind of non-negotiables. And we're going to talk about why this is so important."

For more background, see "Voting as a Catholic" from the Colorado Catholic Conference, as well as information on Colorado ballot initiatives, including Prop. 115 to end late-term abortion, which all four Colorado bishops endorsed in this letter.

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